Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision

The days of the mono cassette player and of large collections of vinyl and shiny plastic to store and express your music preferences has largely gone now. (altough the beautiful quality sound of vinyl is coming back into fashion again)

The way we listen to music has changed too and having back ground music is something we are all quite used to. Being able to listen to your favourite morning radio station as you get up and take that into the kitchen without pauses is not a fantasy but also not expensive reality.

The advent of consumer audio products which you can buy in John Leiws for instance is mind boggling, even for a specialist company.

However, all of this may as well be in Japanese if you find it difficult to decide what you may or may not need.

GES Digital ltd have 30 years experience with audio and video, starting in the public address and night club industries. Here we worked with industry pioneers to achieve huge effects for unique venues across Europe. We can advise, design, supply and commission all types of audio and video system to the highest of standards.
For those unique items, we have a network of specialist partner engineers who can look into such diverse applications such as the fine tuning of CRT projectors.


Key Points

  • Music throughout your property
  • Hi-fi sound for your garden
  • Intuitive and beautiful controls
  • Audio and video storage solutions
  • Stream content around your devices

What our clients say

"I would have no hesitation recommending GES Digital. They undertook the complete electrical works on our new build from basic wiring, lighting (internal and garden), internet wiring, TV and satellite distribution and the installation of a KNX system for multi-function themed control of our lights and blinds. They were extremely knowledgeable and provided valuable consulting on all aspects of the project. An excellent friendly and efficient team of professionals who I would definitely use again."

D Penny. Cookham. Berkshire